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I can’t stop the feelings come back all the time………

I have fell for a boy I’ve known. I try to keep him out of my thoughts but somehow he would always creep back in.

I am attached to him but don’t want a relationship

I can’t get married to anyone because I’m studying right now. My studies will take 3-4 years to complete. I also don’t want to be in relationship (bf/gf) with anyone because my heart will not be satisfied. When I see my friends having boyfriends or fiancées, I also feel like having someone in my life- not as a partner or boyfriend, but at least as a friend.

Family is falling apart after my sister had an affair with my stepbrother

My mother had cheated on my father three years ago, and a year after that he married his highschool sweetheart who also became a muslim before he even asked her in marriage..

Are my actions and dress sense haram?

I’m Zaynab I’m 14 I’m not that religious honestly but I am trying to be a better person I wear tight jeans with hijab and makeup but very light I do feel guilty