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How can I convince his brother to accept my marriage?

I have a fiance we have been planning our marriage, we love each other deeply from our heart we are both Muslim and his brother doesn’t accept.

My husband’s brother is driving us apart

Since my husband’s brother has moved in with us my husband is constantly arguing with me over him. I don’t feel comfortable having my bro in law living with us because he is an adult and a na mehram for me but for some reason my husband doesn’t understand this.

Attracted to my big brother’s wife

I told my brother “if you are not happy with your wife then give her to me because I don’t mind marrying her.” After that, my big brother took me wrong & we end up having fight. Then my sister in law was saying I love your big brother & I never think of getting married with you.

My sister’s husband gave her a divorce and if my parents find out they will kill him

My sister’s marriage happened about six months ago but now my brother in law gave her divorce (annulment) papers. I am really afraid because if my parents find out they will either disown my appa or kill him. He took a lot of money from us, which is not the point but how do I try and make things work?

Should I ask him to reconsider? My sister does not want to stay married but for our family’s sake I want her to try. Even more, I am engaged to his cousin who doesn’t care about the pending divorce, should I leave him?