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I hate my family

They make fun of me every day. I can’t take it anymore.

Is my family abusive?

I am very upset by how my brothers treat me and my sisters and my parents. Is there anything that I can do?

Backbiting vs verbal abuse

With the passage of time and increasing abuse I became mentally tortured and could no longer think logically. I started reacting and answering and using very harsh words.

I want my four brothers to move out, but I feel guilty.

My four brothers live with my husband and me for two years now. I want them to move out but every time I try to tell them they look sad and make me feel guilty.

Abusive cheating father and violent brother

Please help me on what should I do with my dad. My brothers and my mum, we have no life, its all just arguments one after the other and with my dad total silence. And I don’t think I can take it. I stay up to hours in my room crying and thinking how shall I handle things as my mum looks to me for advice and help and I’m stuck. I’ve been brought up so dependent on others due to being so protected that I can’t take the next step forward, as I always stop and think how it will affect my mum.