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Can a Muslim man marry a Catholic?

My boyfriend is a very good man and follows the Quran… I don’t want to do anything that may affect his beliefs.

I am trying to give my wife Dawah to Islam

AlhamduLlilah, I have recently been giving Dawah to my wife in Islam. Insha’Allah we will both be united as Muslims. When we got married, we were both practicing Catholicism and regularly attended a Catholic church.

Catholic White girl and Pakistani boyfriend

I am a Catholic girl who has been dating this Pakistani boy for about a year and a half now. I am soo in love with him, and I believe he feels the same way about me. He is my first love, and viseversa. My mom was fine with it until he left me.

In love with a saudi man who is on a student visa

My name is Gaby and in my opinion I’m in a difficult situation. I met a guy from saudi arabia who is here in the u.s.a to study english and go to college. He has a student visa (f-1) and we are very much in love but his family doesnt know about me.

Thinking of marrying a Catholic Woman

I am interested in marrying a Catholic female, but she is not ready to accept Islam and she is not ready to stop drinking or eating pork.

Where can I find information on Islam?

I was raised Catholic and I still am a practising Catholic. I am currently in a relationship with a muslim man. I am interested in Islam and my boyfriend has been good to help and guide me when I have questions. But is there a one-stop place I can find information about Islam in a simple, easy to understand manner?

Husband returned to Catholicism & is signing the cross over our children

I am in a dilemma now. My husband and I have been married for 8 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters. He converted from Catholicism to Islam when we married. However, he has never felt like a Muslim in his heart.

I am a Muslim girl who wants to marry a Catholic. How do I convince him to convert?

I am a sunni muslim girl who wants to marry a practicing catholic christian. Is it possible for us to get married without changing our religion? Is it allowed in both our religions? If it is not allowed, then can you please guide me as to how should i approach the topic of asking him to convert so that we may get married.

Making the wrong choices for my children?

I have two children from a muslim man. I am a catholic and so far my daughter is christened but my son is not. I am worried that I am making the wrong choices for her?

I am engaged to a Catholic lady but I do not pressure her

I am engaged to a young Catholic lady here in Malawi. I do not either force nor entice her because I heard that even the Prophet was patient to successed in his mission. Am I right? – Brother Ibraheem, Malawi