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Marrying a man who convert to Islam just to get married with Muslim girl

Is it halal if I marry him? If I think inside myself will work hard to make him a good Muslim after we get married?

I love a non-Muslim man

He has brought me closer to my deen. But he is not a Muslim… he is a Christian who accepts all religions. Only he can give me the happiness and the respect that no one else can.

Converted to Islam but still married to my Christian husband

Now that I am muslim, what will happen to my marriage with my Christian husband?

I want a Christian husband to let me raise my children as Muslims

I wish to marry a Christian man who will permit me to raise my children as Muslims.

I have been told I cannot do the nikah (get married) and I feel in a dilemma.

I’m 17 and I’m in love with an American soldier

My name is Emanne, I am 17 years old. I know that talking to boys alone is haram, but recently I started talking to this guy who used to go to high school with me. He is 20 years old and he is in the U.S. Marines. Right now he is stationed in Japan. At first I was just asking him how his life was going, but slowly we started to talk more and more. Eventually, we both admitted that we liked each other. Now we always say I love you, and I really do love him a lot. He really seems perfect, he loves me so much, he’s so kind to me, and he thinks i’m perfect!