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Cut ties with my abusive father, is it a sin?

I’ve read numerous sources that the Muslim who cut ties with siblings and parents will not receive neither ease or heaven, only humiliation.

Married but ex keeps contacting me

He is someone I really respect… but I am scared that if I hadn’t cut him off it might ruin things with my husband.

“If you marry him, we will never talk to you again”

They are insisting that the ONLY way I can get what I want is by breaking ties with them… Either that or I agree to what they are saying and choose from any of the men they have found to be suitable for me.

I am a victim of black magic done by my relatives

Pain of magic is extreme like thousands of needle piercing on your head, loose my physical health, become very weak. I am doing its treatment and recovered but not complete cure, struggle goes on about treatment.

I have cut ties with my sister, is forgiving her in my heart enough?

Three years ago i got into a argument with my sister.It escalated to the point that she threw my quran out of shear spite. After that i decided not to talk to her and its been going on for three years since. A teachers at the mosque told me that it is wrong not to talk to her but she has jus gone so deep south since…