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False accusations…

We accused my sister in law of running away from our house… only to keep her away to protect remaining family.

My cousin slandered me by saying I had sex with him

I have this cousin who says I have performed sexual relations with him. He puts his hand on the Quran and swears in front of everybody.

Husband has thrown me out and demands divorce

I had my nikkah last year in Ramzan in Pakistan. My husband moved to the US and I stayed in Pakistan. In July 2010 I had my rukhsati and came to the US. After a month and a half, my husband found out that I had a relationship 2 years before my nikkah when I was in high school.

Why do guys make fun of a girl who loves them truly?

The guy who sent the proposal and his friends made so much of fun of me because I was in love with his best friend. Those guys went around telling everyone in college that im after him (I just liked him but never spoke to him). I went into depression, everyday and night I used to sit and cry. I wanted to die, I never liked any guy so much the way i liked him but i ended up making a fool out of myself.

I’m falsely accused of adultery and now my fiance wants nothing to do with me

I was engaged to a wonderful brother but a jealous former friend accused me of adultery and now my fiance wants nothing to do with me.