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We want to get married but his brother is against it

How can we convince him?

Tired of life… I feel like giving up.

I feel helpless at my situation. I feel wretched from my sins. I have already led a spoiled past.

Family not agreeing due to caste

Hi i am currently going through the a problem and i came across this forum i have known this guy for 6 yrs my family hav met him and know his from a good family and is a good guy and that he will keep me happy but are not allowing me to marry him due to caste difference.

My family will not represent me because I have reverted to Islam

Asalamu alaykum, I am a reverted muslim and I have now the intentions to marry, but my family is christian and wants nothing to do with the fact that I am muslim.

They will not represent me in any form or way. I have a person in mind that i would like to marry he has approached me on this matter. Also he has attempted to discuss this with his parents in order to make this a correct attempt at marriage but they say no on the basis of me being a revert.