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A Muslim male and a Christian female

Is this ok in islam??? Will the male be committing sin for participating? And also would be wrong to attend a wedding like this if you yourself are muslim?

I have 2 questions I hope you can answer?

Does Islam allow friendship between Hindus and Muslims? Does Islam allow baby showers?

Creating images and sketches without the intention of worshipping

Muslim artists also make pictures but they are not used for worshipping, what does the hadith say about that?

Gender identity

I’m a girl. But I strongly feel like a boy. Who I am right now, the girly me, is all fake, and I can’t stand this anymore.

Concerns About Healthcare Fields for Muslim Women

I have always wanted to work in healthcare. However, I have concerns and would like to know if there are any muslim sisters who have dealt with those issues and how they have got around it.

I have questions about pictures, animation and porn

I hope you will answer my questions…

Is masturbation a sin?

Is it a sin? Please tell me.

Is it a sin to see lesbian kissing?

Anyone please tell me is it a sin or haram in Islam to see lesbian kissing? Only kissing? shano

Nikah and pregnancy in shariah

The process of mahr was delayed. A few months later pregnancy occurred. What does shariah says about this?

Is exchanging wedding rings haram?

Please enlighten me with some evidence from the sunnah that it is a prophetic practice.