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Is abortion accepted in Islam?

Is abortion accepted in Islam?

5 weeks pregnant revert …help!

My boyfriend wants me to have an abortion. I don’t want to kill our baby – would I be sinning if I keep our baby?

Sex in open place…

Can we do sex in some open space where we are sure no one is looking?

Can I marry my ‘second cousin once removed’?

Is it allowed in our religion and if yes, how positive it is in this case…?

Can I talk with my fiancé?

Can I speak to him on mobile with the prior permission of our parents?

Ejaculation without masturbation

Do I need to do ghusl whenever this happens? Is it haram or not?

Does Islam permit working in real estate company that takes loans on interest?

Please give me clear and authenticated views on which bases I can take decision.

Is it haram to be still in love with my ex husband…

…and he to be in love with me although he has married someone else now?

Question on Nikah

Is it islamically right to object a marriage since it is a plural marriage and if in such a situation they pronounced their marriage without the knowledge of both the families, is it a valid one?

Why did we kiss?

i dont understand why… i mean i prayed to ALLAH that dont let us kiss