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Does Islam permit working in real estate company that takes loans on interest?

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Dear Brother,


I am from Bangladesh and i am a follower of sahih sunnah. I need Islamic suggestion from you.

Is Islami saria permit working in a Real estate company where i am doing job as an Civil Engineer (to construct building) in below condition:
Real estate company has two income source:
1) They collect money from clients by selling flat/land,
2) They take loan from Banks with riba/interest for construction of a project if there are sort of money beyond Initial capital/investment, but they mixed this loan money with central accounts and overall money used for purchasing materials,equipment, employee salary etc. Bank will install a signboard in project site about this loan taking which is visible. But the initial capital of the company is the sole/own money of the company owner without interest. But after few years of business operation, to start new construction project/building, they need to take 40-60% money of the Total project cost from Bank (with interest). Company replace the loan as monthly installments to the Bank with specified interest.


[Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the one who consumes riba and the one who pays it, the one who writes it down and the two who witness it, and he said: they are all the same]

(Question-2): Is my income Halal in the above condition (my duty is to construct building)?

(Question-3): If initial capital/company setup money is taken from Bank with interest, will my income Halal in that condition? 

(Question-4): If i am doing job in a group of company and for one factory/company among the Group of company, Group Managing Director takes loan from Bank with interest to setup/install/open the factory/company (i.e. initial capital takes from Bank with interest), will my income Halal in that condition? Noted that i need to work also for the factory/company for which loan is taken.

(Question-5): If company captured land of others by arm force/anyway and i know it, will my job income Halal in that condition?

(Question-6): If company give Bribe for taking BID/contract of a project and i know it, will my job income Halal in that condition if i work in that Project (as a civil engineer)?

So please  give me clear and authenticated views on which bases I can take decision either I should leave that job or should accept it.

Md Mohsin Iqbal

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  1.'s nice to see your concerned..Don't make Islam difficult.You are over thinking? If you are drawing buildings making blueprints worker....etc..Thats ok.....You are not the owner of the company..What they do is ther buissiness. .you just work there.Allah knows your intention.As long as you are not involved with being a signer of a loan or late payment on credit card or a mortgage or being a middle person for some loan transaction with interest involvement. You are just engineer...If you still want clarification speak to mufti MENK or any sunni mufti.Don't rely on sites for 100% info.My wife is a scholor!

  2. You better find a job with a company that has no loans to pay. Do you have friends who live in houses that they bought with loans and are paying Interest?

    You should find a job in companies that do Islamic banking or move to a country where loans with interest are prohibited. Good luck

  3. You have wrote all that as if you are the OWNER of that CONSTRUCTION company who has taken loans, vacated plots by force, paying bribes for the tenders to be passed etc etc.

    Relax. If you havent done anything of that sort why are you so obsessed with what others are doing. You do your job honestly what others are doing shouldnt bother you.

    Are you signing the loan application papers ?

    Are you sending goons to occupy a plot forcefully ?

    Are you bribing so as to get your companys tender passed ?

    If you consider leaving this job.. Than next job you better consider in field of ISLAMIC BANKING. Reason being, any and every construction company has to taken Loans for the set up even though the owner must be having capital amount yet he has to apply for the loan, because if he uses his saved up huge money Bangladeshi Income Tax department wont even let him Die in peace. So just gather some information in DHAKA which considers ISLAMIC BANKING and who is in need of a CIVIL ENGINEER. 😀

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