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Halal Job?

Finding a halal job can be difficult.

Assalamu alakum,

I would like to know if below jobs are halal

1.a positions as a category manager for a supermarket chain which includes meats like pork, responsibilties are sales targets,gross profit and pricing

2. A postion in a company that sells electronic items on hire purchase(interest included)responsilities are setting prices and increasing sales from which a commision is paid


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  1. #2 job is better because you are not handling pork...But if you are in a situation that there is not much jobs and you are not educated and choices are limited especially a non muslim environment then it's okay because your intention is good and Allah knows best..As long as you are not eating haram and borrowing on interest .you are fine bro. DON'T MAKE ISLAM HARD ON YOURSELF....

    • How can you say the second option of work is better because he is not handling pork? He is not handling pork in the first scenario, the responsibilties are simply "sales targets, gross profit and pricing".

      The question relates to halaal and haraam. To pose this question to the average layman like us on this site is not wise. this question needs to be put forth to scholars, preferably in your locality whom can advise you in person. To ask if this is halaal (permissable) or haraam (impermissable) delves into the rules of shari'ah pertaining to earnings.

      Remember, that a layman cannot say whether this is halaal or haraam because once established if it is haraam, it becomes sinful to indulge ot partake in it, and rewarding if refrained. Please seek a local scholar, a mufti or qadi whom can give legal rulings.

  2. You have to survive
    Even if it means if you have to be in contact with pork etc

    You don't want your family to starve

    Ask for forgiveness and do your job
    At least you are not in the position of
    Working in the sex industry

    People sometimes have so little options
    That in order to survive, they have to do terrible things.

    Eventually you will be able to find a new line of work

    Until then just hang on and be brave
    Good luck

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