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Why did we kiss?

No Kissing

i have a cousin. i love her truly and she loves me and we will marry and always tried our best to stay away from evil doings. i always prayed to ALLAH that if it is ok to kiss so let us kiss otherwise dont let us and make such situation so that we will not kiss. once i was at her home we didnt even talked and thought about kiss and we even dont wanted to kiss but suddenly we kissed........ i dont understand why... i mean i prayed to ALLAH that dont let us kiss  ........


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  1. Know this when there's 2 people SHAITAN is the 3rd. Now you both exchanged feelings.You see SHAITAN is an expert.He knows you better then yourselves.He's been there when you were born and deffently knows your weakness fears and desires etc......You should consider Nikka as soon as possible and let your parents know what happened and your feelings.Other then this you are both committing and accumulated sins and it becomes major sin
    Just from the 2nd look!!It is why Allah sent me to warn you.

  2. "i dont understand why… i mean i prayed to ALLAH that dont let us kiss"

    Are you serious?? For real are you thinking that Allah made you kiss?
    Blaming Allah and asking why did we kiss?!

    What is Haram is and forever will always be HARAM. Yes kissing is HARAM!

    You can not make dua for something HARAM.!
    Making dua for something haram doesn't make it hala. And when it happens God isn't trying to tell you something either.
    It's zina. And zina is completely haram. Talking, looking, touching etc are all haram weither you plan on getting married or not. Anything out side Nikkah is 100% haram. Making dua doesn't make it halal and can never be allowed.
    Allah didn't make you do this. He doesn't force his creation do commit haram act that he himself made haram. It's illogical.

    This happened due to the shaytan. His waswasa lead you to commit zina.

    Advice, ask for forgives, stop blaming Allah, stay away from her and avoid being alone with her as the temptation is greater when your in each other's company and next time can lead to a greater sin.
    Marry her ASAP or keep your distance.


  3. OP: i always prayed to ALLAH that if it is ok to kiss so let us kiss otherwise dont let us and make such situation so that we will not kiss.

    Looks like you have been thinking about kissing your cousin for a while...... that is the reason you prayed that Allah should let you kiss your cousin ..............I hope you have not been thinking about other things you want to do with her and leave it to Allah to keep you 2 seperate.

    It does not work that way. You should not be alone with her ever before you get married.

  4. It's a simple explanation. You wanted to kiss her so you went to her house, once you got there, she wanted to kiss you too, and then you kissed. Praying in advance that Allah not allow you to do what you've intended to do isn't going to help. It's probably not even going to hold up as a defense on the day of judgement. And most likely you prayed in advance so that you could feel better by blaming Allah and say "Hey, I asked Allah and he let me do it".

    Now if praying like this would defend you from the fire then you would've probably prayed for more, like "Allah don't let me rob this bank". And then you walk out of a bank noticing you have a bag of money and a gun and say, well at least I prayed, now I'm going to keep the money cause Allah didn't stop me.

    I recommend asking for forgiveness now. Salam, and good luck.

  5. You can't marry someone inside your family. It's illegal.

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