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Married and lonely

When he came for the summer I got pregnant, and that was the start of problems. He left, and here I am a married pregnant woman still staying in her parents house…

Visa rejected, unhappy in my marriage… What to do?

All my friends are happily settled with their families and raising their babies, while I’m still married but living single in my parents home and I’m honestly not happy.

Love or no love? Is this right in Islam?

My husband was refused a visa where we met and now is in a different country, where he has another woman and she is going to be his wife. He asks me for money and I got upset… he asked me for the rent where they are going to live together!

What does Islam say about long term separation from spouse?

Before he left he never said anything about staying this long… He sends monthly upkeep to my son and I but he has never come home in these 4 yrs.

Is it allowed for me to have to stay with my inlaws?

My husband decided that I will stay with his family in this time period. His family is a joint family system, so all the brothers and their wives are living together… I am not feeling comfortable and I heard it’s not permitted in Islam…