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How should I face my husband and ask his forgiveness?

I started to fall in love with a certain boy of 22 years, whom live in the same compound, and he happens to be my husband’s nephew.

Force Marriage and Divorce

My family think that I am agree with this marriage. Please guide me in the light of hadith and shariah.

Parents forced me into nikah

Can my family disown me for not marrying someone of their choice? Do these buzurgs or spiritual people really exist? How are they predicting the future? Or someone’s marriage?

Married but someone else is in my heart

What can I do? It’s unfair to my husband that I live with him but someone else is in my mind.

I have found someone who I want to marry but he is not ready for marriage.

For the past year and a half I have been seeing someone who I would like to marry InshAllah. However I have come across some obstacles on the way. When we first started to meet up…

Married, but in love with another man

My best friend is married for 11 years, but now she is in love with another man. Her husband is muslim, but the man she fell in love with isn’t.

She doesn’t want to leave her husband as they’ve got a child, but also she is desperately in love. She is suffering, she can’t control her feelings and order her heart not to love.