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Inheritance distribution as per shariah

How would this be distributed according to shariah? Does being married or unmarried make any difference?

Distribution of inheritance

My father bought the land and constructed the house, but the house is in the name of my elder brother.

What is a woman’s inheritance?

What is the rightful inheritance of women in her fathers property if she is not married ?

Property problem

My parents have a property problem… What is solution under sharia law?

Property division in a difficult situation

I have a long property matter and I am in big tension – kindly give me advice.

The duties of Parents towards their Kids

Should kids be left alone by their parents when parents can emotionally and financially support their child?

Muslim Father Abandoned me as a Child

I can’t believe someone could do something like this to an innocent child. I don’t know if I can forgive again.

Property inheritance as per Sharia law

Can you advise what will be my mother’s share, my sisters’ share and my share as per shariah?

Born out of wedlock to a Saudi, what are my rights?

I was born out of wedlock to a Saudi/Muslim man in the United States. What are my rights of citizenship and inheritance?

Inheritance from widowed mother

I want to ask you about inheritance in this specific case. A woman married a man and had a daughter, a few years later that man divorced her…