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I’m afraid of Allah’s anger for breaking an oath

I swore to cut my relation with my sister. I did that as i always felt that my sister (Who is married) doesn’t treats me like other siblings.

Kaffara for Oath taken on the Quran

Since i am 15 i don’t think i can feed or clothe people so i decided to fast 3 days continuously. Is that right? or do my parents have to feed the people for me?

What makes an oath void?

I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.

I feel trapped in a world of regret

Time heals wounds… But now my mental level is going down day by day. A person never bears that his wife had done such things.

Kaffara for breaking a promise

Is there a specific kaffara for breaking a very important promise?