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What makes an oath void?

oath swearing on Quran

Asalam Alaikum to you all brothers and sisters. I would like to know what makes an oath to the Higher one invalid or void. Let's say we make the promise in the excitement of the moment or we are not completely clear of what we are promising in that case I have read that such promises are void but wanted more opinions and if the oath is void do we still pay Kaffarah for breaking it? I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.



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  1. Sister I am a student of islamic knowledge (mentioning for authenticity) and insha Allah i can tell you whatever little knowledge Allah has given me in the subject.

    First of you should have mentioned maz'hab for such queries. Generally (according shafi mazh'hab), Oath is valid only of it id taken on the name of Allah. "Vallahi" "Thallahi" "Billahi" these are the 3 words of oath in islam, any one taken oath on these terminology which all means "by Allah" then it is haram to brake the oath.

    However if continuing on with an oath becomes an obstacles for your eeman the you breaking oath in not haram. For example if one taken a oath not to marry but later if he fears zina by being single then its not haram to break the oath. But kaffarath must be given in these cases.

    If someone breaks the oath willfully then its a concern to look into. For example one has taken a oath not not have alcohol but takes the alcohol, its haram and he should repent for breaking oath and should do kaffarath.

    Kaffara can be 3 types. Firstly he should give rice or the major food item of that geography, or dress to 10 poor (fakheer) people of that place. Food can be of .6 kg on an avg to person, If not possible he can observe fasting for 3 days.

    Please let me know on further queries. Pray for me sister

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