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Brother made sex videos, repented, but the videos still exist

My brother used to work as a pornstar. Now he repented and left porn, but the problem is his videos are all over the internet and he cannot remove them.

Will he get sin if someone watches his film after he repented or no?

- junaid

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  1. بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    Allah Kareem is the Kareem
    Will accept his repentance and the data will be removed automatically from the Internet.
    No worries at all. Do not get tense. Have patience.

    • Masood, you are right that Allah is Ar-Rahman and will accept his tawbah and forgive him. Alhamdulillah. If anyone goes to watch those videos it is their sin, not the brother's. There are a million such things on the internet. If they did not watch his, they would watch someone else's.

      However, it is nonsense to say that the videos will just disappear. How, by a miracle? No, unfortunately the material that a person puts on the internet will survive as long as the internet itself survives.

      The best the brother can do is try not to be recognized as the person in the video. Change his appearance a bit, maybe by growing a beard, or changing the hairstyle, etc.

  2. Asalamualaykum Brother Junaid,

    It is very kind of you to be concerned for your brother. Rest assured that, as long as your brother has sincerely repented, he will not accumulate the sins of those watching his videos.

    It's similar to having a tattoo or engraving tattoos on other people. After one has turned away from it, it won't count against him that the "permanent" mark/tattoo is still on his and others' skin. So long as he has removed the idea from his heart.

    I hope this provides you some solace. Do not worry anymore brother.



  3. Congratulations that your brother has realized and stopped doing those movies. As you have shown your concern about his previous action though he has repented and asked forgiveness from Allah, indeed Allah SWT is merciful and rehimm. My opinion is little different from the rest of my friends. As you know the word " sadqa Jaaria" means someone initiate a act that is beneficial to the community. As long as people get benefit out of it the initiator continuously getting back reward of his action.
    Therefore, similarly if someone sow a tree of sin and as long as people are getting fruit from that tree the sower is responsible for the sin of those too. I will suggest that your brother has to try to stop telecasting those videos or film. Till those videos are on air and people are watching your brother is partner in their action.

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