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Fabrication of lies before marriage

Was this the punishment of any sins of mine that I got a wife of totally different civil status from what I desired?

Can I lie in the name of love?

Is Lieing for LOVE good or bad?

Absent Husband

My husband took a voluntary departure 3 years ago. I stayed with him in his country for over a year. When he thought he was about to get his visa he sent me home. My parents paid for all of the travel expenses. He did not get a visa. I have not seen him for almost 2 years. He does not work or make any effort to come up with money to bring me there. He seems only interested in the visa.

I told a lie, and cannot come clean, will Allah forgive me

Will Allah forgive me my sin? I told a lie to someone due to some reason I can’t explain reality..

How do I tell my husband that I married him during my iddat and gave him an STD?

A short summary about me. I’m married for 5 years with two kids. We did not face any major issues in our married life-Alhamdulilah. But I’ve got two deep dark secrets which I’ve been keeping away from my husband since we married.