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Do you think I’m forgiven I HAVE COMMITED MAJOR SINS

I didn’t make a choice to stop believing in god my faith just went away but then again I blame myself for allowing that type of evil in my life.

My cousin slandered me by saying I had sex with him

I have this cousin who says I have performed sexual relations with him. He puts his hand on the Quran and swears in front of everybody.

Molested and lost trust in Allah but now how can I fall in love with HIM again?

Things are better now but I don’t know how to connect with Allah. I don’t pray any more. I just have so much hatred in my heart. How can Allah allow this to happen to me? My mother prayed every morning for me but it never worked. I need to know how can I clear my mind and heart and fall back in love with Allah. Again I am so thankful for my healthy children and my lovely husband. But I find myself questioning everything.

I stopped believing in Allah (swt), please help

Now I have start to what is the whole point on me praying when I have lost every thing I have prayed day after day for Allah to help me yet nothing? And I look at my friends with envy an their I am nothing to show after all these years off praying an working an calculating to nothing.

Broken and depressed

I’m 19 years old and I have gone through emotional, physical and sexual abuse. My sexual abuse staryed at the age of 10. My parents had seperated and my mother took us to pakistan, we were there for 3 months. During the last month and a half my mother’s brother started to abuse me although I kept quiet at first.

Muslim girl married to an atheist

I am a 23 year old female who has been married for over a year. When I first married my husband he was a Muslim. He knows a lot about islam, he can read the Quran and use to pray 5 times a day. It is sad to say that he has now converted to atheisim, he still holds high moral values that are exactly like Islam but he does not pray nor fast.