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How to stop masturbating?

Well I’m trying to stop masturbating because I know it’s bad. But it’s so hard for me because my hormones are crazy. So, what can I do to help me stop? Also is there any dua to get pretty or something? (I know it’s unrelated to the main question but it’s easier than making a new post).

Despairing of my life and future, in fear of losing my deen

I belong to middle class family, I am single and I am studying in university. I have problem regarding social phobia. Means I feel very hesitate and nervous in crowd and people. Because of this since my childhood I never had any relationship although I am straight, 5,5″ height and average looking and normaly build. But because I had issues in past with my family since my fathers death and since then I have been struggling.

Helpless and lonely

I am 26, girls usually get married around 18 or 19 years, but I am still single. Since I turned to 18 I am praying to Allah after every salat to bestow mercy on me n and prayed to get married soon.