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Husband’s porn habit is killing my confidence

I do not know what to do anymore. When I see these porn actors, especially the females, it makes me feel unattractive and look at myself in a different light. I have cried countless of times that his eyes would only be for me, but he sees other naked women and I just cannot accept that. I am deeply disturbed by it. I have come to a point where I am starting to take comfort in other men giving me their compliments or attention, but I believe this sort of need is due to my unfulfilled request that has sparked an insecurity within myself.

Caught husband hiding porn on his phone

Then one day he was acting very suspicious with his phone -he kept hiding it and smiling at the same time. Something told me to grab his phone and I did. I found so much porn, also pictures of women’s backsides. I’ve never had low self esteem in my life, nor was I ever depressed.

His snide remarks make me kill myself; I feel suffocated and depressed.

I have no faith or hope in anything that life has to offer. Someone I used to hold in high-esteem has destroyed my self-esteem completely. I’ve been deeply hurt and can’t seem to get out of this torment.

I lost the real me

I really hate myself for pushing people away that love me and then trying to bring in the people who don’t. I can’t handle all these pains in one go: mum’s health, family arguments, my broken heart and loneliness. I cry everyday while I pray during namaz; I can’t concentrate and I soon breakdown.

A Hopeless Muslim Teen

I hate the life I am living. There are so many things wrong with my life. I just can’t live like this anymore. I have a piece of a broken mirror next to me and I’m contemplating whether I should use it.

Feel lonely, depressed, have suicidal thoughts; how to boost self-esteem and not feel insecure?

it’s cause i was also bullied mentally but a guy at my school when I was younger he would call me smelly say I smelled bad. I don’t know I think I was just mentally abused by people a lot that’s why i have such low self esteem. but I act confident when I’m really not. HELP ME though help!!! school is stressing me the fact that I don’t have any friends is stressing me.

I want Allah to know that I want him to let me die now please.

I want to end it now Allah Please just give my blessings to someone who deserves it more than me like someone in poverty and help them or cure someones illness i want to die in their place i would happily accept it.

Please help; I want to like Allah but I can’t because I am unhappy.

No one in this world like’s me not even the creator. So what can I do ? I won’t lie to Allah that I like Him because I don’t like Him much more and that is me being sincere.

I think Allah doesn’t love me

They say Allah feel what we feel He feels toward us.. I don’t think Allah loves me.. I think he doesn’t care at all about me-along with everyone else. I was a very good girl, the smartest in elementary school.. in high school, I was one of the top and a teacher actually told me she wants a daughter just like me.. another told me I was too hard working.

I fear my diabetes will be a barrier in finding a marriage partner

I am still suffering from low self esteem and even after a year things are sama as they were before..