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Moving out from an abusive home – I need advice

I’m being emotionally abused at home and am wondering if it would be a sin to move out. I’ve considered suicide.

Wife or parents?

His parents are able bodied but are getting old so he has decided to leave me and our kids and move in full time with his parents.

Ex daughter-law living with ex-father in-law…

Is it haram that the ex-wife continues to live in the ex-father-in-law’s house?

Black magic took me from my family and into an abusive relationship

I am scared of what I do, what happens to me and what if anything else happens to me…To know I had this done to me hurts me. Every time I think about it, it kills me and I feel like they ruined my life!!

Emotional abuse, contemplation of suicide

Is moving out the right option because I am saving my life? My family won’t change and won’t accept me- I already know that. Please brothers and sisters, advise me if I am doing the right thing, because I will marry this girl insh’Allah. If I could, I would right now. But the abuse my family is giving me is such a difficult thing to cope with, I don’t know how much more I can take.

Is it permissible for a muslim woman to move out of the house because of abuse?

I can not live in this house anymore, I am constantly being put down by my mother. On a daily basis it is constant bickering from her, yelling and screaming.

My mother ruined my potential marriage

My mother has never acted like a friend towards me. I met a Muslim girl six months ago during a field trip. My mother soon found out about and she starting cursing in the name of Allah. She said “this girl will ruin you, girls will destroy you, my only son fell in love,”