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Need guidance to take the right decision

I am in a very difficult situation of deciding what to do regarding my marriage and my family.

I need divorce guidance

Even my in-laws say to divorce her and start my life as in these 3 months she changed a lot and terms of Islam become bold and no fear of anyone.

I need advice about my dream

I had dream where my cousin from dads side had wanted to get married to me…

Advice on being the second wife?

He’s a good man, and he would want to be a husband and to be fair to both of us…

What should I do about my wife and my marriage?

I need advice as per Islam. We started our marriage life and then started problems.

My sister is being rude to almost everyone!

My sister is very sinful.We tried Taveez, Duas, Jinn Test… We even tried being nice to her. Please help.

Need help/advice in order to convince my parents for my marriage

Even the thought of spending my life with someone else disgusts me. But my parents don’t agree and I know his parents wont agree too.. How can we convince them? I am so sad.. Please don’t tell me to move on, I have planned my life around him, be it family life or an intimate life,

How to get my future husband (inshaAllah)’s family to accept me?

Unfortunately, his family are very upset at the idea of him marrying me, as I am white. They have said that if I weren’t white they would be delighted to have me in the family, and that they’re sure I’m a lovely person, but they don’t want me as a daughter in law.