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Her husband tells every minor thing to his mother

My friend is living in a joint family system. Her husband doesn’t understand that some things can be kept secret without informing his mother.

Do I need to call off my marriage?

As a wife, don’t i have the right to ask for a separate home? Am i selfish for willing to live a happy life with my husband? Should i call off this marriage?

His mother and his impotence are ruining our marriage

If he can’t protect me and if he can’t really love me then is it worth continuing this marriage?

His parents aren’t letting us live separately

I hate the culture I am born in. It’s like a wife is just a servant, a sex toy for her husband but parents are God (Auzubillah), as if everything they say is written in stone and even if it goes against Islam it must be followed. I can’t take this anymore. I’m so shattered. I can’t eat, drink, sleep. I want to make this proposal halal by marrying this man. He was the one I always made duaa for so why are his parents doing this to us?