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How can I convince my Hindu mother to accept Islam?

I don’t want to argue with her but that’s what happens when I tell her that I’m a Muslim and she should be too. I tried reasoning with her so many times but she just wouldn’t listen to reason or logic. She doesn’t even let me pray Namaz or fast. I have to do them in secret.

When will the help of Allah come? I feel like a life sentenced prisoner and lonely…

I want to move closer to Allah, but I am drifting towards jannaham.

Speaking to family about conversion to Islam

I am struggling between living by my faith or living to keep my parents happy and in my life.

Converting to Muslim

My husband is a religious person. In fact, he is kind of a racist person. How can I convert to Muslim when my family are non-Muslim?

Can I attend my niece’s Christening?

I have recently embraced Islam and my non-muslim family have taken my new faith quite understandingly. My concern is my new niece is about to be Christened; am I allowed to attend?

I acknowledge not to say or have any ceremonial part of this, however if I do not simply attend I worry this may cause conflict between my family (which I value greatly) and I.. Please help, any advice would be appreciated.