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Will I die soon?

I have lost the motivation to live, as I know I will eventually die.

Married but can’t forget my boyfriend

I don’t love my husband though he is a nice man and loves me a lot.. I’m unable to do justice to anyone.. my husband, my boyfriend and myself.

I aspire for a daughter even though I am not married; Has anyone had such feelings?

I should not think negatively about Allah, I should think that He will in sha Allah bless me with a daughter. But still when I see someone with a daughter, I kind of get depressed and the thought that Allah may not give me a daughter overpowers me.

I keep thinking about him and I hate this obsession

I have a serious obsession problem. I also thought he cared to ask because he knows I have a mental illness. I don’t want to be with him and I am sure he’s not interested in me but I just don’t know how to stop thinking about him?

How can I deal with these powerful love feelings?

I love one boy and he dosent live here where I live and my mom hates him and my parents don’t allow me to have a boyfriend!

It’s killing me that she won’t take me back

I’m 21 years old, I had a relation with a girl for 2 years,then I broke up with her for no reason, people say may be someone had done jadoo for you that´s why you left her, anyways then after 15 months I started to feel again for her badly

Fallen in love with my big brother’s wife

I am attracted to my big brother’s wife. She is younger than me and I’m not married. I’m 26. I pray 5times and say dua so that I can forget her but I can’t. I say sorry to Allah and say dua to get me out of this situation. I sometimes sms her or call her every night because I can’t stay away from her. I get upset if I can’t talk to her.