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My parents don’t agree with my dream

My parents told me that I should just be an engineer and just forget my dream to study abroad… I don’t want to hurt my parents but I really do want to achieve my dreams.

Parents are not accepting my new marriage

Last month we got our nikkah done in his house with his family by a Hafiz, and Alhamdulillah we are now husband and wife. I have never been so happy or felt so complete in my life, BUT there’s one pain in my heart and that is my parents not giving their consent and not trying to do what lies in my happiness.

My Muslim fiance has a child

We’ve been engaged for a year but his parents and sister are so rude and mean to me.

In love but my Mum says no

His family came to my house to ask for my hand but my mum said no straight away without even getting to know the family. He decided he still ain’t going to leave me and we can work something out.. so we decided to do istikhara…

Why are my parents so ungrateful?

No matter what my sister and I do, our parents always complain. We do the chores, get straight A’s in school, have no bad friends, but our parents expect us to be the best at everything.