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Feeling very depressed once again today. Past sins and terribly narcissistic parents. Do all parents hold grudges with their child?

Tell me why I can’t stop thinking this part and is this kind of treatment from parents normal for girls that rebelled in teenage years. If my mother knows then do I deserve the abuse?

Dating a Hindu and Living with a Distressing Past

I have been in a relationship with a Hindu. I love Allah, but I can’t see such an amazing person going to hell.

Trying to understand my past… please help?

Was my mother’s emotional abuse and sexual abuse the reason for all this?

I can’t restore my faith

Now I am in the lowest point of my life. I am suicidal and severely depressed. I have no one for support and am not getting better. There was another boy who was athiest that I became to attached to, but the truth is only for attention…and he has recently abandoned me too. I feel as if every time I meet someone (even girls) who brings me happiness, they are somehow ripped away from me.