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What should I do?

I want to go to the gym but I can’t because I will miss prayers. I don’t know how to pray on my own…

My friends keep taking me to places that serve pork

Even though I did not eat anything that is haram, will my prayers not be accepted for 40 days still? We have plans to hang out in a couple of weeks and I feel like it’s going to happen again.

I don’t want to die a sinner…

I passed a graveyard. It was the night time and it was terrifying. The thing which came to my mind was these people were once alive, once born and now gone.

How can I become regular in 5 daily prayers?

Can u tell me how to make good habit for praying 5 times. I don’t get time to pray all the five times due to my study and other work?

How to increase focus in Prayers and how to fight Shaitani Whispers.

While offering my salah, I started having some sort of whispers- bad thoughts about my religion & even almighty (Astaghfirruah).

I’m 15 and addicted to bad deeds, how can I change?

I’m a 15 years old girl. I’m addicted to some bad deeds and usually bad thoughts. I want to abstain from these all bad things and want myself to be involved in prayers and Islam.

I repeatedly did zina and did tawbah, but I doubt if the tawbah was valid

I failed and the problem is NOT that I can’t repent. The problem is I feel like I’m not feeling ‘guilty enough’. The problem is I doubt myself. The problem is I’m doubting my Iman. The problem is now that I’m typing I feel like crying but I can’t.

I feel like prayers are just utterance of words and just actions, please help!

I do apologise in advance if this is a stupid question. But what are Allah’s obligations or responsibilities to us muslims and non muslims? Does He have a role in respect of us?

She swears on Allah that she is loyal; but I am not able to trust her

When i turned 21 i went Saudi Arabia for job and from there we stayed in contact with each other, now in some days we are gonna become fiances, the point is that when i came back i asked her that did she ever kissed any one except me so she swore on ALLAH

How to make up for missed raka’ahs from prayer congregation?

If a person misses 3 raka’ahs in salatul zuhr congregation, how does he pray the 3 raka’ahs ?