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What is the status of our nikah? Do we need to use halala?

After 1…2…3 talak given by me and we had intercourse before iddah.

Re-marrying a Muslim man, after separating from an abusive Christian husband: Haram or Halal

Being a new revert, I wanted to make sure that it is not haram, to enter into a new marriage without having to annul my marriage with my legal husband.

Can a divorced women marry brother of her Ex Husband?

I heard of such incident so I want to know the fact.

Unsupportive parents

My parents are strictly against my remarriage. They want me to live with them, earn and raise up my child as a single mother all my life.

Can I re-marry my ex wife?

It was a genuine marriage, but she became upset because of his false promises. He sent her divorce by email.

Can I marry a Muslim man?

I was married to a Christian… we are separated with no communication for the past 5 years.

I haven’t completed iddah but he wants me back…

I want to believe it but I can’t because he broke a lot of promises and expectations that has destroyed our family.

Can he marry me against his mother’s will?

His mother is not interested in him marrying me as I already have a child and what will people think because I am elder to him. She is not accepting me.

How do I get divorce from my husband as I never had any feelings for him?

I would like to know if I ever did find a Muslim man that I wanted to marry would I have to require a divorce because in Islam; is our marriage already broken? But just that in Pakistan, we had to sign papers. I am now nearly 23 years old and even after 8 years since my nikkah I have never had any feeling for him.