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What are my duties as a “separated” husband?

My wife has separated from me and demands divorce. What are my duties as a husband in the time being?

My spouse wants a seperation after 14 years

My spouse is a convert. Recently he left for a trip and came back a changed person. We have four children and he says that there are no feeling of love, compassion or attraction left for me..

Should I stay married to a man I have lost all respect for?

I was married almost 2 years ago and now a mother of one. At the time of marriage my husband and in-laws spoke many lies about his education and work.
Later when I found out about the truth after marriage, it completely shattered me, as I am more educated than him.

Should I leave my daughter in the UK and go with my husband to Pakistan?

My husband’s Visa has ran out and he is my carer and social services refuse me help. I will not have anyone if he goes, my family are busy and too ill to help and I have M.E. a serious condition. I can only walk ten minutes outside home.

I have not seen him for five years, is our marriage valid?

I have been separated from my husband since 12 years.I have a 14 years old daughter. He is in UAE and according to him he is unable to keep us there or visit us..

Converted to Islam but still married to my Christian husband

Now that I am muslim, what will happen to my marriage with my Christian husband?