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I had an adult chat

Informative discussion turned into friendliness, then flirt and closeness.

Confused about my relationships with my husband and a younger man

I feel in love with him. I’m addicted to him. We did sex chat. I feel like I cheated on my hubby but on the other hand my hubby never talked to me romantically and he never tried to fulfil my physical needs.

Masturbation, self-harm, childhood abuse and bereavement…

I want to end this pain and I can only see one way out which is suicide but I dont want to do that but it seems no choice for me.

I’m confused, did we commit zina?

i met this girl online. we used to chat every day thru mobile. we both love each other a lot. now one day i dont know what got into me i told her i wanna have phone s*x with you and if u dont do i will leave you (yes i blackmailed her).

In on-line intimacy permissible within a marriage?

My husband is away and I miss him. I have spoken to him over the net using video call and done intimate things including self pleasure. Please tell me is it forbidden or not?