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How do I tell my parents I want to marry someone else?

Because if they are to find out, honor killings are still present here, and I will just add a number to it.

No freedom given by parents

I have to finish college work and get married. But for me I want to travel I want to be on my own so I can take care of myself.

My parents are racist and won’t let me marry who I want. Please help me.

I don’t know how to approach my parents, they will kill me, they will threaten me and tell me I have brought shame on the family.

Strict parents and marriage

I’m very stressed out about the whole issue as he doesn’t want to wait anymore and is pressuring me to talk to my parents.

I’m unmarried and 4 weeks pregnant – don’t know what to do!

I am 4 weeks pregnant. I am not married yet and live in a VERY strict household. If my parents find out I think they would make me get an abortion or hurt me or the child.