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Abused and beaten in pregnancy

My husband’s sister made me cut myself or she will kill me with a knife herself… Another time they attacked me and I was left paralysed for a time.

Forced marriage

My parents are kind of abusing me and that I’ll be punished by Allah swt in the future because I’m not obeying them… Also they’ve threatened me and forcing me to marry my cousin otherwise they’ll kill me.

“If you marry him, we will never talk to you again”

They are insisting that the ONLY way I can get what I want is by breaking ties with them… Either that or I agree to what they are saying and choose from any of the men they have found to be suitable for me.

My parents won’t let me marry the man I love

His parents are ready for our marriage but my parents don’t agree. They abuse me by saying they will kill me if I marry the one I love. I’m very scared and upset.

Forced to marry a girl I don’t like…

Every day I have issues with this girl because I am not interested in sex with her and she cries…

My ex-boyfriend is threatening me

Please help me and tell me how should I stop him from ruining my life and telling my parents about what I have done.