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My name is neha. I want to marry a guy whose character is so good and he's on his deen. He earns at his own he has good house and wealth.  I've told my parents about him but they are refusing him because he's from a different tribe. They want me to marry my cousin but i dont want to marry him so I refused. They're telling me that girls dont show their interest themselves for marrying a person and that I've committed a sin disobeying them. They said that they will feel ashamed if I married that person as he is from a different tribe and a different status . They think that they're more rich than them so they will feel insulted if I marry him.

They are kind of abusing me and that i'll be punished by Allah swt in the future because i'm not obeying them. I don't want to marry anywhere else.

Sometimes i feel like I'm a worst child of them because they're suffering from tensions because of me . But it's the matter of my life and I can't live happily with anyone else. I've tried my best to convince them but their prestige is more important for them then my whole life. I tried to tell them that all humans are equal for Allah but they didn't listen to me. They're saying that they'll get me married to my cousin, no matter it ruins my life, no matter i live happily or not. If i try to convince them telling that Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) married the women with different status, they say that he's a roll model and we're normal people. 2 years have passed and I'm still trying to convince them. Also they've threatened me and forcing me to marry my cousin otherwise they'll kill me. There's no one around me who can help me to get out of this situation.

Please give some advice what should i do. I'm going through depression nowadays..


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  1. If you think he is sincere loyal and honest don't delay and become his life partner.

  2. Dear,
    dont worry he is loving u and loyal with u so plz wait ....and cool down or easy way and both of u talk to ur mom..i hope she will understand both are feeling..

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