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Depressed and confused about this relationship

I got married because of staying away from sin. Before marriage all the time he forced me for physical relation… I can’t accept him from heart.

Helpless and Emotionally Abused by My Mother

I am seriously alone and I am scared and I am helpless. How do I continue to live here? As I have gotten older the abuse has gotten harder to endure.

My husband does not believe in Islam completely

My marriage was a love one and it has not even been a year. He converted at the age of 23. Now he says he does not agree with everything in Islam. For he example believes that the Quran has been modified by humans. I feel trapped and cannot divorce him because I will be a laughingstock.

Confused and Trapped

I am from Asia, and I married to a Muslim black American man. Generally we love each other. But life has been difficult for me. I am confused and feel trapped. My husband has many problems that I never anticipated. I live only to solve his problems. I am a pillar to him but he is not such a support for me. I dont want to be a bad wife or greedy for material world. I am confused how to get out and just be simple single and easy life again.