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I want to go to Umrah with my milk-brother

Would my milk brother, who was breastfed by my mother, be able to go to Umrah with me as Mahram?

Removing veil in front of non-mahram. Help!!

I am going on Umrah. I am niqabi. But according to Hanafi law, you cannot cover face whilst performing tawaf…

My husband thinks my uncertainties are a challenge to him

Please help me sort this out as how to deal with my husband. How can I make him realize that my actual concerns doesn’t mean that I distrust him?

Performing Umrah and Dua

I want to take the opportunity of course during this blessed journey and throughout the experience to make as much Dua’ as possible.

Dream – going to umrah but not performing it

Very disturbed after this dream, can you please interpret this dream?

Questions about going on Umrah and violence between parents

My father and mother had a big fight. My father has hit my mother hard without any reason. Now my parents want to separate. Who should I stay with?

Umrah, Hajj and Mahram

This is mahiuddin shams from saudi arabia, want to know, if we perform umrah in the month of shawwal or Dhul Qidah then is this compulsory to do Hajj this year?

Going to ‘Umrah in my dream

On the 27th night of ramadan after I prayed in the night, I dreamt that I went on ummrah with my mum and dad. We do not actually perform ummrah but we have gone to Saudi Arabia with the intention to perform it.