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Unique/rare health condition – marriage/family stress

I wanted us to get married so I could be with him and take care of him and be his companion.

Need Dua and advice about this proposal!

My dad called his father to tell him that if it was a no from them then they should’ve had the decency to call and say it. His father said they assumed we said no because we were quiet.

How can I forgive my parents after this?

I know Allah has asked us to pardon our parents and ask for their forgiveness, which I do but I don’t know how to move past this.

Heart broken by cheating boyfriend

I love him dearly and want nothing more than to spend my life with him but I feel so betrayed.

Should I leave her or go against society traditions?

She says she will do anything for me. I feel very guilty and coward. I am making her wait for me and can’t even tell my parents…

By ending their love, he broke her completely; Is that not more sinful?

He left the girl. He breaks that love and relationship. She could not believe he would leave her… Is that right what he has done – is it not more sinful?