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Suffering from very bad waswas

Why me? What has happened to me? Am I doomed?



I need help to get rid of the waswasas permanently.

whispers don’t let me breathe.

don’t smile or laugh because whenever I try to be happy, I think I’m doing a sinful thing and for this I will go to hell. I’m afraid of even thinking about any other person in my life. Neither can I think of my future husband, as I think by loving him I will cheat Allah (S.W.T). I cry and ask forgiveness. I cry that I should be well, but it’s getting worse.

bad waswas hurting a lot

I do tauba again and again, but I’m not getting out of this situation. It means I myself become a satan, because satan is empowering me badly. I don’t want to live more, and want peace of mind. I wish to harm my brain so that these thoughts don’t occur. I bcome psycho and I don’t want to talk anyone. I become aggressive and want to live alone.

Suffering from Waswas (whispers of Shaytan) and not sure about my taharath

I am suffering with waswas sometimes I get waswas on saying Allaah also and some times it takes more than half an hour to read one ruku of quraan shareef (vasvasein means whether I m right or wrong) and I am always doubtful in taharath always it feels like urine has passed when I won’t feel like this in periods days I dont know what to do? Alhamdulillaah I am always succesful in my studies please tell me any wazifas or any good suggestions.