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Suffering from very bad waswas

Whispers in the night

Assalamualaikum dear Brothers and Sisters!

I have been suffering from really bad waswas from the past week and i am very disturbed about it, i am stressed all the time and can't sleep,

while i am doing my regular daily activities they keep occurring to me and i feel very bad or while sitting with a family member it would keep going on and then i would go to my room and be alone trying to fight it off constantly basically that has my routine now and i can't even get proper sleep, all the time its in my head and i keep fighting it of,...

I read other posts and answers to it  that said to ignore it but they are very bad about our Prophet(PBUH) and his wives and i feel every time it comes i have to fight it or else i feel i am doing a great sin and even question my faith at times, its really stressing me out. I would say i am not a very religious person i didn't maintain Salah properly before while these bad thoughts were there before but not about my religion and the most sacred personalities and i would fight it off at that time too but only that time it was about random people or about my family and now its freaking me out to what i should do.

It started occurring intensely when in Ramadan i was searching for my bad thoughts and how to get rid of them. I did eventually by ignoring those and if they started to occur i would it isn't real and those went away and i was really happy about it and what made it go away Quran's surah and ayaats and from that day i said to myself i would do proper Salahs and Quran's thilawat and when i started doing that properly the very bad waswas started then and i couldn't ignore them like the other bad thoughts as they are i said about the most sacred personalities and i am really struggling with it

sometimes when i see other people smiling and laughing, enjoying their life i say to myself why me? what has happened to me? Am i doomed? I realised the importance of my religion and Quran and after that all this started and now its persistent and i can't do anything other than to fight them off and when i do that it increases more. I thought about giving up Salah and thilawat altogether again to make it stop but going through various posts and videos i learned that these are Shaitan whispers and he wants me to exactly the same and so it made my resolve strong a bit to not give up and keep going but most of the times i feel down as it keeps occurring and the thought of giving up Salah and thilawat comes up again but i keep going and it keeps occurring in Salah too i don't know what to do...

I feel helpless and want to be close to my ALLAH(SWT) but i feel depressed and stressed most of the time because it keeps occurring every 5 seconds and i am not able to concentrate on anything....Please help

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  1. Wakekum Assalam my brother ... I am sorry for your suffering. May almighty ease it. When I was reading your post I feel that you are just saying my mind. I am thirty two years old now and I am struggling with the same waswase from past 10 years. The moments these thoughts come to me I feel my self like a biggest sinner on earth.i too sometime points my faith and feel what will become of me. How I will face Allah and his beloved prophet and his family on the day of judgment. I too keep fighting with these wishers even every second when I'm awake . And i feel sometime not to supplicate prayers and recite durood shareef coz once name of prophet and his family members I heard or read , these evil thoughts start occupying my mind I constantly struggle hard to get rid of these thoughts which leave me and reduced me just to debris and i start feeling my self its better that would keep sleeping all the time. Because sleep is the time when I'm on peace otherwise these thoughts would struck my mind and heart all the day. Im just considering my self a biggest sinner . I see when people recite durood they recite it with their heart but when I look at my self I feel I'm not able recite it with due respect. Once these wishers came to me I have to fight and keep sending these thoughts . All day thought there us a fight inside me. I read somewhere that if you fight with thought it means you are a good muslim. But how long I have to feel my self as a sinner and a fake muslim. I do azkaars and pray to almighty for help me to overcome. But I'm of no help. I just scare how I wil face prophet SAW and his family members on the day of judgement. Is my Iman weak? Do I'm fake? Should I stop reciting durood or remmebring Ahle Beait? All the day I'm just keep thinking this. Please suggest me also some remedy. The feeling of guilt never leaves me no matter how hard j would try.
    Im sorry instead of suggesting you any remedy I'm pointing out my suffering here but I was not able stop my self from pauring out my heart when I read your post. Please help!

    • I have the same problem. It really started around 4 days ago but it is severe. It also affected me around my sleep yesterday. They are not many but only one .It is like a statement that keeps crossing my mind and it is a really bad one. Whenever I think about then , I start crying because I feel trapped. I automatically recite Alhamdullillah when the thought comes. I am regular in my salahs and Quran recitation from a young age and sometimes could really focus in salahs. I have also pretty much given up music , though I do listen to it sometimes. But the thought makes me feel very guilty. I really need to get rid of the stuff.

      I found this , “ “A‘oodhu Billah il-‘Azeem wa bi wajhihi’l-kareem wa sultanihi’l-qadeem min al-shaytan il-rajeem ”. I will try to recite this regularly. Hope it helps you too.

  2. walaikum asalaam,

    don't stop praying your salaah. you need to perform ruqya or have somone recite over you. make dua to Allah, recite whole of surah Baqarah every very few days.. if you have pics, other things music etc. get rid. recite surahs and blow on yourself, ayatul kursi, sura fatiha, last couple of verse of Baqarah, last 3 sura from quran and surah kafirun,

    call the adhaan in your house. say bismillah whn entering your home, dua when entering the toilet etc. so much can be done.

  3. W'salam,

    I have read your message and I pray that may Allah save you from these 'Wasaawis'. Ameen. I would like to say a few things:
    1. Prophet (s.a.w) was once asked about such thoughts and he consoled the companions saying that this is the very sign of faith because Satan tries to steal from where the treasure is hidden. So don't worry about this at all, inshaAllah you would be okay on judgement day.

    2. You may consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if the situation is getting tough for you. It could be due to some mental illness.

    3. Don't force yourself to fight with the thoughts. Let these thoughts come and go. For the first time you would feel that you are sinner etc., but let it be. Don't try to fight back. The intensity of the thoughts will decrease. The next time these thoughts will have less intensity and so on. This is a psychological technique called flooding. During this technique you try to face your fears. In the beginning you will be most scared but as you allow the thing that is scaring you to happen, the intensity is decreased after each exposure.

    Again I pray for you and the other brother in comment section that may Allah remove these wasawis from you and grant you happy life. Ameen.

  4. Waswasas can be controlled very easily.
    Tried and tested method which will reduce whispers.
    Straight from the Sunnah.
    The last three surahs i.e Iklas,Falaq and Naas.
    Read them 3 times each in the morning and evening. Read them once after every salah and read them 3 times each after Fajr and Maghrib salah.
    Be regular with prayers. Whispers will reduce eventually. Slowly but surely. Be consistent. Give yourself a few weaks or a month or two.

  5. Assalaamualaykum hariskh,

    I agree with the post above by Danish Qureshi.

    Please do not give much attention to these thoughts. They do not reflect how you really feel about the subjects of the thoughts, and Allah knows this. Allah also knows that you are trying your best. Visualize the thoughts being separated from you and you being separate from the thoughts. Remember there is no sin in having thoughts...only in acting on them.

    If the unwanted thoughts continue to give you much distress, please see a psychiatrist. There are two medications in particular for a condition called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that will really help control the thoughts: Luvox and Anafranil. Ask you physician if either might be a good option for you.

    Inshallah you will be cured of unwanted thoughts.

    Have a wonderful day,


  6. Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu. Are you still suffering the waswasas, brother?

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