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Need wazifa for marriage

Many problems are there. Financial problem is major problem..

I love a guy but he doesn’t love me

I can’t live without him, I don’t know what to do and this september he is getting married.

Is this a positive or negative sign from Allah?

I performed wazifa of YA JAMIU 1111 times and 11-11 times Daroode Ibrahim before and after… After 3 days I saw a dream…

Ready for marriage but still single

I’v always wanted to be married by 24, however I just can’t find the right person. Do you have any suggestions? Any wazifas for marriage?

My sister is being rude to almost everyone!

My sister is very sinful.We tried Taveez, Duas, Jinn Test… We even tried being nice to her. Please help.

I need a powerful wazifa for my friend

He wants more dowry so he don’t want to marry their daughter. Her father and mother are crying a lot for this dhoka. My friend is in very bad condition because she truly loves him. She has attempted for suicide also.

Any wazifa or dua for my situation?

I love a guy who was my friend’s ex. My liking and now love has increased day by day.

Getting excluded from degree

Someone please help me or suggest me with a wazifa or dua for me to stay in my degree.

I need help to marry a boy of my choice

It’s kind of a one sided love story at the moment. I really like him and know I won’t get a better life partner than him.

Wazifa for making his mother agree for me and making our love stronger

When he spoke to his mother for us she denied. Please help. As we had intercourse and don’t want this to be sin.