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Is this a positive or negative sign from Allah?

Wazifa or numerology?

Does "Wazifa" belong to Islam or is it simply numerology?


My uncle saw a boy for my marriage.... he has send them a proposal for marriage... they were told we will rply after few days. I havent met him but saw his pics... Now I feel attracted towards him so I wanted this marriage to happen... Then I performed wazifa of YA JAMIU 1111 times and 11-11 times Daroode Ibrahim before and after... and prayed for marriage... After 3 days I saw a dream in which my khala is saying that they refused for marriage.... Is this any sign frm ALLAH... POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE.... what else can I do? I really want this marriage to happen!


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  1. Please see our article about Wazifa in Islam. You cannot perform practices which have no basis in Quran or Sunnah and think that you will get some guidance from them.

    Second, dreams are not necessarily a reliable source of guidance. Many dreams come from our own nafs or simply our imagination.

    Third, how can you make a decision based on pictures alone? You don't know anything about him. Are the two of you compatible personality-wise? Does he have a temper? Is he arrogant and mean, or kind and easy going?

    Meet the boy. Talk to him and try to find out if the two of you are compatible personality-wise. Then, pray Salat al-Istikhara. Finally, make the best choice you can and proceed, and trust that Allah is guiding you to what is best.

    Wael Editor

  2. Great Answer brother Wael,

    Also sister, make sure you perform the right Istikhara, and not perform the one where they as you for your mother's and fathers names, all of that is akin to black magic, please avoid at all costs.

    Istikhara is just praying 2 nafils and then reciting the dua for istikhara and then working towards achieving that goal in question. Please do your research on Istikhara and do the one allowed in Islam. ( easily available on the web)


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