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I like him but am I making the right decision?

If I agree to this marriage am I agreeing to a controlling husband?

Being avoided after istikhara

I didn’t see any dream or anything. The only thing that has happened is that recently he is trying to avoid me.

In a haram relationship, negative dream but ready to marry someone else

A proposal has come for me… I decided to see this guy behind my boyfriend’s back. I started to have second thoughts about my current boyfriend…

Can a muslim girl marry a muslim boy 4 years younger?

He is working in US. He is 30 years old. And he was already married for four months then divorced.

Should I accept this proposal?

Shall I give him a chance and say yes on a condition or shall I drop it from now and save him some time and pain to find someone else because of how young he is and his acquaintances on social media?

Advice on being the second wife?

He’s a good man, and he would want to be a husband and to be fair to both of us…

Is this a positive or negative sign from Allah?

I performed wazifa of YA JAMIU 1111 times and 11-11 times Daroode Ibrahim before and after… After 3 days I saw a dream…


I am a girl who has been doing istikhara along with my mother from over a week now. It is for my current proposal…