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Wazifa needed to make him come back

He still loves me – I don’t know what made him leave me. Has the girl, his fiancee, done something? Like black magic or a wazifa?

My engagement in danger

I don’t understand how to save my engagement.

I want to marry a boy..

The problem is he is way less than me as in status.. my parents will never ever let me marry him.

In love with a girl of greater age

As a boy, this is considered taboo in our society to marry a girl of greater age.

Is there any wazaifs I can recite or foods I can eat to increase knowledge and brain power?

I seem to be struggling with remembering some basic knowledge.

Should I give up?

He is not feeling content or satisfied from this proposal. I really want to marry this guy but I also don’t want to hurt my parents.

I really want her in my life

I cannot live without her I am not strong as she is. I feel that my life is just ended up…

Need dua and wazifa

Can you make dua for me? And guide me if I can do all wazaif together?

Stuck between love and a prisoner of a horrible phobia…..

I’ll never be able to love again…

Guidance on Marriage – Please Help

I like her character and religiousness… In a few days my mother will meet her. Should my mother say anything about me to her?