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Wazifa needed to make him come back

Wazifa or numerology?

Aslam Alakum ,   i liked a guy and he liked me 2 we both were very sincere to each other and we never indulged ourselves into any haram things we never went on date we never met alone we never did any thing wrong, he talked to his parents aboht me  that he wanted to marry me but his family insited on marrying some one within their cast , he resisted alot but they forcefully made him engage his cousin , she also loved someone else but  got engaged to him . He still promised to me and prayed everynight that Allah will do something  , one day his fiance started talking to him and asked him to come on video chat , and they video chat sometimes ,     i don't know what happend but he that day told me that he will let the faith decide what happens next that he is engaged now and he will marry her and he doesnt love me anymore , im very very upset he was not a cheater and he still loves me but i dont know what made him leave me  has the girl , his fiance done something?  like black magic or anything or a wazifa  ? cause he loves me  tell ne how to make him come back ?


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  1. Let him go. You can't force anyone to be with you.

    Please face the reality. If a man truly wants to be with you, he will make it happen.

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