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Thank you dear volunteers

Daisies, flowers, sky and clouds

Daisies in the sun.


I cannot begin to contemplate the responsibility you have taken to volunteer time out from your lives to help others like myself on this website, but I would just like to say:

You are doing a very wonderful job and keeping a very good balance.

May Allah bless you all and give you the reward for it.

It's not as easy as most people think, but mashallah you are doing a very good job of it.


- sister fozia

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  1. Sister Fozia, Wa Alaikum as Salam and Jazakillah,

    We do what we do, just for the sake of Allah. And we love to help our brothers and sisters in distress.

    I thank Him for enabling me to be of little use. I expect from Him that He Rewards me for it in this World and in the Hereafter:

    Rabbana Aatina Fiddunya Hasanah wa Fil Aakhirati Hasanah wa Qina 'Azaabannaar

    ("Our Lord! Give us in this world
    that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire!")

    This World is a temporary place. The real abode is the Hereafter. May Allah Grant us all His Jannah and May He Be Pleased with us all.


    Please remember us in your Du'as.

    Jazakillahu Khair

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. Salam

    Really it's a great job wht all of you are doing here.
    I want's to give thanks from my heart.

    Also wants to giving my greetings who r revert from other relagion.

    i want to share here that every day after coming to my offc I 1st open the site and read maximum post.
    Most of our officer 1st open the daily news but i open this site.Before getting this site i used to read newspaper.
    Thanx to Allah for giving me the opportunity to find the excellent site like that. Now I try to invole my self to read ojifa (Surah Yaseen , Rahman, Muluk, Wakia, Mujammil) and read tasbbe (Subhanallah , alhamdulillah, Allahuakbr) nd Estegfer when i get any chance. I want to utilize my time because from this site i realize this world life is temporary , we r just sent for test who is best in her/his work.

    Thanx all of you who r helping us.

  3. How kind of you sister Fozia! I really appreciate your comments. It means a lot to me. And you too s1.

    Wael Editor

  4. I agree. Jazaki Allahi kayran, may Allah grant you all forgiveness and happiness in this life and in the afterlife for the good work you are doing here.

  5. JazakAllah khair sister Fozia and s1 and sisterInIslam for your kind comments. I am glad you have benefitted from this site. I too have learnt so much Alhumdulilah from this site.
    I pray that Allah (Swt) helps it reach those in need and makes it a means to help them and makes it a source of immense reward for us after our death. I also pray we can all meet in Jannat! Ameen.

    Sara Editor

  6. Assalam O Alikum
    As sister mentioned on top that she opens this site when she goes to her office i myself also when open laptop first thing which i do is open this site and read all posts and Alhamdulillah i benefited alot and got answers to many questions which were in my mind. You brothers and sisters are doing a wonderful job and In sha Allah you will get ajr from Allah. I wish one day i could also be like you people and help people find solutions to their problems.


  7. Shukuralhumdulliah for this site, I changed a lot after coming to this site. Now when I look at mirror I feel good that I had my imaan back before it was too late. That's to all the commenters and also the editors. 

    When I was in trouble my family was about to break, then I got scared then was searching in Internet how to solve in islamicly than I found this site first when I tried to open the home page my net was disconnecting constantly now I feel that that was shaitans trap then I called Allah to save my marriage and said bismillah then home page open. 🙂

    Thank you all.....

    • Wow, SubhanAllah... Nadia, if yours was the only comment that I ever received, then I would feel that we had accomplished something worthwhile. Alhamdulillah for giving us this opportunity.

      Wael Editor

  8. Salaams,

    Thank you for the kind compliments and encouragement. I think we all naturally wonder from time to time if we are really making a difference, so hearing some positive feedback every so often is very uplifting. All praise is due to Allah, Who softens our hearts to understand the lives of others, Who grants us insights to offer support to others, Who has blessed us with intellect to be able to effectively share our thoughts with others; and most importantly, Who has provided a guidance for all of mankind which we can turn to in times of confusion and pain to find a way to ease. Allah has given all of us in measure according to His Mercy a portion of His magnificent attributes; may we all use those trusts to glorify He who bestowed them upon us.

    -Amy Editor

  9. Assalam O Alaikum,
    Thanks sister Fozia and all for you kindness and appreciation. It's our duty toward our fellow Muslims to help them out. All you brothers and sisters are very caring and compassionate Alhamdullilah who give hope to brothers and sisters facing difficult issues in their lives. So, I pray that Allah (swt) help and guide us all in our every day matters, which are trails and tests from HIM to see whom among us are true believers:). Amin.


  10. i was so lost and desperate to find a husband in my ate 20's then some how i came across this site and since ulhumdiallah i am glad i am single. Reading posts and other people's heartfelt posts has soften my heart towards only allah. Now i have realised let it go and leave things to allah i have so much strength to be positive. Also the work you guys do and still do is fantastic and without you i dont think i would have found that comfort that i am not alone and will never be whatever the future is inshallah it will be good.

    • salaam
      sister you should never give up hope there is someone out there for you pray but that does not mean you do not look. pray and look but may be this time do istahara first and ask for Allah's guidance and start looking again Inshallah you will find the right partner and I will pray that he be one who follow's his deen and everything else will follow.

      Allah Hafiz

  11. salaam
    may Allah bless all those how help others at a time of need and those who spread the word of deen
    I pray for all
    Allah Hafiz

  12. May allah bless you too sister fozia

  13. asalamalikum,

    Dont ever ever ever wonder if you are making any difference or not. YOU ALL ARE!
    i have no family or friends who can give me advise in the light of islam,but i know there are people who i dont know personally but they are my brothers and sisters in islam and i will get some beneficial and practical adivise.
    no doubt , this effort of yours has helped me a more striving muslim and concious of laws of Allah.

    may Allah bless you all ( all who contribute to this website including those whopost their worries as they are source of learning for many ) .
    ' if you remove or make ease for another human being in their difficult time ,Allah will make it easy for you and remove a difficulty of you on the day of judgement'

    may Allah enable all of us to be cause of ease rather than obstruction to all the people around us.ameen,

  14. Dear Sister Fozia, Walaykumsalaam,

    JazaakhAllahkhayr for your love and appreciation. We don't always get to hear how people have progressed and been helped by the work on this site and so when we hear something positive as you have said, it means alot.

    Added to your lovely feedback, two young sisters who wrote here some years ago about relationship issues and parents hindering marriage etc, have since emailed me to let me know they were getting married - and were alhumdulillah happy! That was truly so nice to hear maasha'Allah.

    Keep smiling sister Fozia and all the others who have written here. We are all slaves of Allah and Ummah of Rasool(sws), lets continue looking out for each other and helping each other as much as we can - and hope for Allah's Reward. May Allah soften our hearts and accepts our deeds, aameen!!

    SisterZ Editor

  15. Dear Sister Fozia,
    I agree completely with your sentiments. I too have learned much from this site and that would not be possible without those whom sacrifice their time to help others. Thank you for pointing out so well the thanks that should be given to those who help us on our path.


  16. Asalamoalaikum,

    JazakAllah Khayr sister Fozia and all of you who have made a difference in my life and in others’ lives as well. About 1 and a half year a go I stumbled across this website full of despair and hopelessness. I was going through one of the darkest periods of my life but alhumdulillah everyone on IA welcomed me, gave me great advice but most importantly, you all taught me to forgive myself. If it wasn’t for Allah swt, the editors on this website and for you all I probably would have been a depression patient right now.

    In this journey I have learned a lot but most importantly I have learned that the best way to forgive yourself and pray that Allah swt forgives you is to help others. We are all sinners and no one is perfect, but the best amongst us is the one who sins, asks for forgiveness and most importantly learns from their mistakes. So my dear brothers and sisters, let’s not loose hope but at the same time let’s strive to improve ourselves because there is always room for improvement!

    -Helping Sister

    • salaam and ameen
      well said sister
      i strive every day to do my best first by pleasing my allah doing the best for my children (not forgetting myself) and then those in need
      we need more people like those on this site out in the communities becouse as noman ali says and i belive this to the biggest problem we have in this day and age is that our young brothers and sisters have no one to talk to which is very worring
      allah hafiz

  17. Jazakhallah khaiyran, this forum helps so many people, and I commend you and every person who takes part for your courage in addressing such sensitive, serious, and even tragic issues.

    Many people are suffering silently in their homes and communities, feeling isolated and helpless to deal with these deeply personal issues. This forum allows them to come forward, anonymously and without fear of criticism or reprisal, and ask for help, from an Islamic perspective.

    Please continue your efforts and may Allah guide us all, bless us and purify our intentions, ameen.

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