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Need help, constantly angry and depressed


Dear All

I hope this finds you all in best of your health and mind. Today, i seek your assistance and advise as i have exhausted myself trying to overcome one of many shortcoming in my persona. For past few months i have been going through series of anger and depression spells. when i tried to uncover the underlying reasons, i couldn't pin point any and suffered stronger spell of sadness.

I am good at what i do for living i.e. i am a manufacturer at early stages of my business and these things have always come easy to me but when it comes to living life normally; i find that very hard to do. for example I lack sense to live normally and that is the most normal way i can put my situation.

I am brother and try to be good influence on my sisters however due to these shortcoming i am restrained in being boring and cold brother, which in reality i am not. Similar is the case with my relation, because of these tendencies i have constantly managed to bottleneck my relation over and over again but we seems to comeback to each other again.

whenever i pray, i think i pray with my heart but always i find myself with these thoughts that i get up after salah without praying for my needs. I need advice what is to be done. what should i do? This is haunting me for so long and i do not have much strength left before another meltdown


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  1. Brother,

    My son also suffers from depression. Recently he had a blood work up and it was found that his levels of vitamin "D" are extremely low. The lack of vitamin D can be one contributing factor to depression however, it isn't the complete picture.

    My advice is to see your doctor and let him/her know how you are feeling. Being depressed is nothing to be ashamed of. You obviously are aware of your state of mind and that is a good thing. Go get a check up and talk to your doctor about your depression/anger. Good luck to you.


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