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Should she be doing something/worried about these dreams?

Salam alaykom brothers and sisters.

I know of someone who is a Muslim and who often has dreams of herself committing sins such as clubbing and not wearing the scarf. Is this something bad? Should she be saying or doing something about these dreams? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. IraqiMuslim,

    Some of our dreams have mean meanings, some are just from shaytan or from our own thoughts. I believe the sister should not waste time on trying to understand the meaning of the dreams (if any). Instead, it is better if she focuses on improving her obligatory ibaadah and on identifying and refraining from any sins she maybe doing. There are some other voluntary forms of ibaadah that she can also do to help prevent bad dreams:

    Rasool(sws) recommended doing morning (after Fajr) and evening (after Asr) Dhikr. Please see this link:

    There are six parts.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Assalmualikum

    i request all muslims youth (boys and girls) please do ntsc do any sin s

    prevent doing any kind of bad thing which is probhited in islam
    eg- clubbing ,pubs, dating, sex before marriage , alchoal etc...

    Sacrify ur dreams for allaha do not cross the boundaries of allaha and islam

    u see u will get more good things from allaha

    we can full fill our dreams in heaven i.e jannath which never ends and their will

    be real long lasting enjoyment which never ends

    i request all muslim girls in this world please wear full hijab . Do not expose ur self

    and dont become prey of kafirs as a sex toy.

    All muslim gist and boys please do not marry with hindus , christians, and other disblivers

    because they all r kafirs and no doubt in it they go to hell i.e jaahanum where their is a

    hve fire to burn them

    i request all muslim girls marry only good muslims boys and make ur like good in this world and for hereafte

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